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More and more organisations in the UK are reaping the benefits of on-site massage, Pilates and yoga in the corporate workplace. Isn't it time you joined them?

Massageworks therapists come to your office and perform seated chair massage on your employees. We also offer Yoga and Pilates classes. Staff return to their desks fresh, relaxed and feeling more positive.

Workplace office Massage, Yoga and Pilates are proven to:

  • Relieve stress
  • Help prevent muscular problems caused by long hours hunched over a desk
  • Significantly boost morale.

We work with many large employers, including Ted Baker, the Royal College of Nursing, MEC and Shearman & Sterling LLP. We also provide on-site chair massage at corporate events, health and wellbeing days, and promotions.

"Massageworks are reliable, energetic and skilled massage therapists who were a key attraction at our annual staff Wellbeing day. We had such positive feedback from the staff about how great and relaxed they felt afterwards, we now book them into the office regularly."

Lydia O'Neill, Shearman & Sterling LLP

"At MEC, we put a lot of emphasis on our people’s health and wellbeing. The massages, reflexology and pilates classes that Massageworks offer are integral to our benefits offering and very popular. As an employer, we see the benefits that our people are happier and more productive. We were placed 45thin the Sunday Times Top 100 companies to work for this year and our partnership with Massageworks is an integral part of that achievement. Thank you for the 15 years you have been working with us!"

Sophia Teal, People & Culture, MEC

"Ted wants to ensure his team is well looked after. The Massage at Work service provided to us for over 20 years by Massageworks is a really important part of our range of benefits and an established part of the Tedquarters work culture"

Michelle Bunworth, Business Support Manager, Ted Baker