free two hour massage


The quality and therapeutic benefits of a massage are down to the care, professionalism and aptitude of the person giving the treatment. So confident are we that Massageworks provides the very best massage practitioners, we offer all prospective new clients a free two hour trial, incorporating up to six, twenty-minute treatments on a selected group of employees.

You can then get feedback from the people who matter before making a decision on whether massage at work is right for your organisation.

The visit also gives an opportunity to discuss how the service can meet your company’s particular needs.

There’s no obligation or commitment.

To claim your free trial, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the subject line or call us on 020 7183 1930.

free massage for a year

Recommend Massageworks and get a year of free massages!

At Massageworks, we believe we provide the best massage at work service out there and the vast majority of our new business comes through recommendations from existing clients.
Now, as a big thank you, we’re offering a whole year of free massages to people who refer new clients to us. You can even refer your own company, if it doesn’t already use our service.
Why not email your friends and work contacts now? Include the link:, mention the two hour free trial we offer, and get set for a year of free, top quality, massage at work!

Terms and conditions:
  1. Free Massage offer applies to new client contracts that are partly or fully company funded.
  2. Where the person introducing Massageworks, works for an organisation where the massage service is entirely employee funded, or the new client contract is entirely employee funded, the person will receive HALF price massages.
  3. The person is entitled to an equivalent frequency of free massages as those scheduled by the new client.
  4. Free massages run concurrently with the first year of massages provided to the new client.
  5. If the new client stops using our service within the first year, your entitlement to free massages also stops.
  6. ‘Free massage’ refers to part of the massage paid for by the employee.
  7. This offer can not be exchanged for cash or equivalent monetary value.