Massageworks - Benefits your Business, Benefits Your Staff

Increasing numbers of organisations are actively looking to invest in the well-being and motivation of their employees, recognising that a happy staff is a more productive, stable one. At the same time, stress at work, back pain and other musculoskeletal disorders are a major and increasing cost to employers generally, and most would welcome measures to help reduce their impact. Massageworks helps provide an answer to both of these questions, simultaneously.

Through the provision of services that are both beneficial to health and enjoyable to receive, we help employers meet their responsibilities, lessen the risk of absence from work and improve the health of their staff, through highly tangible offerings that are perceived and appreciated as positive benefits, engendering goodwill and significantly improving staff motivation.

Massageworks Benefits Your Business

• MORE productivity from a motivated, happier staff
• LESS likelihood of stress related ailments, RSI and related conditions developing in staff
• EXCELLENT reflection of the way your company is run

Massageworks Benefits Your Staff

• REDUCES STRESS ­ Leaves them feeling fresh, relaxed and positive
• RELAXES MUSCLES – Easing the tension that builds up through long periods at the desk
• BOOSTS MORALE – Creating a special time for them in the working week
• REFRESHES – Ensuring they¹re ready to face the challenges of the day

To find out how Massageworks can support your business, email Paul Hancock or call him on 020 7183 1930