Flexible, Easy and Cost Effective


We will establish your key goals, then propose a package that best meets your needs, taking into account the number of staff involved; work schedules and time and budgetary constraints.

Whether you require Massage, of any type, Pilates or Yoga, or a combination of them; 20 or 30 minutes per person; one therapist on site or ten; every day, every month or on an ad hoc basis, Massageworks has the flexibility to tailor our service exactly.

To discuss how our service could best fit your needs please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Massageworks takes care of everything. Your Massage Practitioner or Teacher will bring along all the equipment necessary. All you have to do is make available a quiet room or area in your building.

An On Line Booking System and Information for Staff posters and flyers help you promote and run the service with minimal HR resources.

Treatments are normally 20 or 30 minutes long and can be scheduled around work commitments. Pilates and Yoga classes are between 35 and 55 minutes.


You will be surprised how cost effective our service is.

Prices depend on the exact characteristics of the package we provide, but start from just £16 per treatment or £10 per class.

There are a number of funding options available – monthly billing to your accounts department, individually from employees or, the increasingly popular option of shared funding.

Contact us for a price quote or to arrange a free demonstration massage.

To find out how Massageworks can support your business, email Paul Hancock or call him on 020 7183 1930