Flexible easy and cost effective packages at Massageworks
Flexible easy and cost effective packages at Massageworks

Flexible, easy and cost effective

We understand every business is different and that needs change with time. Many of our practitioners and coaches have a business background themselves and we know what challenges you face.


Maybe it’s all about mental health first aid. Or a balance of mindfulness, massage and yoga. We’ll sit down with you at the outset to tailor a bespoke plan, which can be amended and extended as circumstances change.


We provide an online booking system, posters for your noticeboard and provide the zoom link. Our massage therapists bring their own chair and towels. For all IRL services, we simply require a quiet room or space in your workplace.


We meet an important business need at a very reasonable and entirely controllable price. We can invoice your accounts department or bill users directly. A mix of both is a very popular option for massage, yoga, mindfulness and Pilates.


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