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A state of mindfulness at Massageworks

A State of Mindfulness

It’s easy to see why Mindfulness has become such an important part of business life in recent years. It builds self-awareness, resilience and self-control. It helps people develop coping strategies and a sense of wellbeing. And it lets people see beyond the small electronic screen that is so much a part of today’s work environment. 

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Creating a state of mind

Mindfulness improves concentration, focus and productivity. It can reduce absenteeism and presenteeism. It builds compassion, cooperation and emotional intelligence – a key to teambuilding and improved client liaison.

Mindfulness training has two main elements.

1. Present Moment Awareness helps us be in the moment rather than reflecting on the past or worrying about the future.

2. Acceptance teaches us to be non-judgemental, rather than analysing and criticising the moment, as most of us do.

Four Mindfulness options to choose from

    1. Our fully accredited Mindfulness for Stress course is delivered  in 16 hours over 4 to 12 weeks. It can be tailored exclusively to your business or you can book employees onto one of our open courses.

    2. We run 45-90 minute workshops. Our introductory Mindfulness made Simple session is a good way to introduce mindfulness to your company.

    3. Mindful Mondays. These are short, topical drop-in sessions held weekly, fortnightly or monthly to grow a mindful culture over time, often in parallel with our other services.

    4. Mindfulness Coaching. We run individual and small group sessions.
Mindfulness options


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