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Yoga and Pilates at work by Massageworks UK

Yoga and Pilates

Work can be demanding both mentally and physically. Yoga and Pilates provide a highly effective way to de-stress the mind and relax the body after hours of sitting at a desk. 

yoga and piates by massageworks

The perfect end to the day

Pilates and Yoga are systems of exercise, both of which

  • promote calm and reduce anxiety
  • improve strength and flexibility
  • benefit posture and breathing

making them ideal offerings to staff, particularly those in sedentary, desk type roles. 

Pilates, created by a German Physical Therapist, Joseph Pilates, focuses on developing long flexible limbs from a strong central core through a system of  exercises.

Yoga is an ancient discipline involving physical, mental and spiritual practise through the attainment of a series of physical postures and breathing exercises to improve health and well-being.

Massageworks makes it easy

Classes can be online or at your come to your office and at a time to suit your work schedule. We can bring all the necessary equipment and teach 35, 45 or 55 minute classes. All that’s required is a Meeting Room or similar (and not even this if we are teaching your people working from home) and a person to administer the service within the company.  

Classes can be a one-off, at Health Events, for example, or organised on an on-going basis.

All Massageworks Pilates and Yoga Teachers are fully professionally qualified, insured and experienced in their field. 

Massageworks makes it easy


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